Medical marijuana in PA closes in on passage

The legalization of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania could be coming down to the final stages. The House worked late into Monday night, considering dozens of amendments to Senate Bill 3, that already passed the Senate last May.

“It’s all good. It’s all progress. It’s all steps in the right direction,” said Lolly Bentch. Her daughter suffers from seizures and she thinks she would benefit from the drug.

Supporters of medical marijuana, like Bentch, kept a watchful eye over the progress of Senate Bill 3. The House worked until about 9 p.m., considering a handful of the 220 amendments attached to the bill.

“There are a whole host of Pennsylvanians that this will help and benefit. They are suffering right now and are entirely dependent on a cocktail of chemicals that is not working for them. This should prove beneficial,” said Rep. Kevin Schreiber, Democrat of York County…[MORE]

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