The debate over medical marijuana is taking center stage in Blair County. Friday, hundreds are expected to gather at the Heritage Plaza in downtown Altoona.

The event is organized by those that support the use of medical marijuana, but all residents, for and against marijuana are invited.

People with various medical conditions that believe they can benefit from medical marijuana will be speaking at the rally.

Organizers hope to educate the public and put pressure on local lawmakers to support the idea.

Right now there is legislation moving through Harrisburg to legalize marijuana in Pennsylvania for some medical uses, but State Representative John McGinnis says he doesn’t support it.

“Federal law has to allow the research first before we make claims that it has good uses,” he said.

Ryan Hollingsworth, with Pennsylvanians for Safe Access, disagrees.

“We are real Pennsylvanians who want safe access to medical cannabis so we can heal naturally rather than with pharmaceuticals,” Hollingsworth said.

Friday’s rally will be at Heritage Plaza in Altoona from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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