Cause or Effect?

Cause or Effect?


What’s popular is not always right and what’s right is not always popular!

Note: This was originally posted in 1997. Unfortunately, not much has changed in 18 years.

We hear a lot about cause and effect in the Drug War/Legal Marijuana debate. Which is more important to you, the cause or the effect? Do you do your part for the cause, to see that sick people have access to medical marijuana, all adults have access to marijuana as an alternative recreational drug, and the economy and the environment can both flourish due to all the ecologically friendly products that can be made from the help plant?

Or do you just care about the effect? You like to get high, but you don’t have time for politics. And you surely don’t have money to donate to organizations who are fighting to change the laws. Of course you don’t! You’re probably spending all your money on a high-priced bag of low-quality weed.

But the effect is more important to you than the cause. The only problem is that by supporting the current system, you support the status quo. By not supporting the cause, you doom it to defeat. But by directing some of your time and money toward the cause, you can have the desired effect. Every individual effort can make a difference. Donate your time, or your money – whichever you can spare, and one at a time, we can make a difference.

Speak out. Learn the truth about Marijuana Prohibition, and tell others. Marijuana was not made illegal because it was dangerous, but rather because it was a competitive product to special interest big business (like timber and chemical companies). And it’s been kept illegal because the War on Drugs is funded by special interest big business (chemical, oil, pharmaceutical, alcohol and tobacco companies).

Given the facts, any logical person would agree that the current policies are in error. The facts are there but they have to be searched for, they’ve been written out of the history books. But in the end, the facts, the truth, shall prevail. Support the cause, so we can all have the effect. Medicine for the sick and dying, the safest of all recreational drugs, a nutritious food that will grow wild in most of the world, and a wondrous assortment of environmentally friendly products.

Support the cause and be rewarded with many wonderful effects. We may even see the return of the nickel and dime bags. But more importantly, the many uses of this wondrous plant can be explored, studied and expanded upon. It’s up to each and every one of us to do our part. But if we really try, we can cause change, we all can make a difference.


-October 28, 1997

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