TEMP – Time.Enthusiasm.Money.People

© Sher Simcisko – October 28, 2015

PA Safe Access needs to take your TEMP.

Are you a hot advocate that can make a difference in the world by doing what you can? If you are, you came to the right place. We NEED your help. Or are you kind of cool to the idea of speaking out? We are here to show you what you can do. Don’t think medical cannabis is a good idea? We can provide you with information that will help you to understand cannabis. It’s very misunderstood.


We need your time to Get the Word OUT. Create a local group and meet on a regular basis. Stay up to date on all the legislative progress and who you need to target as the bills for Medical Cannabis and Hemp move through committees and the House of Representatives and Senate before it reaches Governor Wolf who has vowed to sign this bill. He has also shown support for statewide decriminalization. The War on Drugs is out of control.

E – We NEED YOUR Enthusiasm

I meet so many people at events that are enthusiastic about helping the cause. We NEED YOU to continue that every day. Every time I wear my PA Safe Access t-shirts someone asks about it. It gives me the opportunity to talk about the subject and recruit one more person to help. ENTHUSIASM IS CONTAGIOUS.  Spread it around! We need an epidemic.

M – We NEED YOUR Money

Every dollar counts. If you don’t have a dollar (been there, done that) I’m sure you know someone who does. Every dollar donated to PA Safe Access is another dollar we can use to Motivate and Educate. Printing, Permits, Venues, Travel, Equipment, etc. All of these cost money. We need you to invest in the future of Cannabis in PA. Don’t just say “I’ll be there in spirit.” Don’t have money? We can take stuff. Can you donate items for raffle baskets? Gift certificates for your business we could have on our websites. If you don’t have money, help us get other people’s money. Organize a fundraiser in your area, with your friends. Ask us how!

P – We NEED YOUR People

People are the key to success in any venture. We NEED you to approach everyone you know and recruit them to join our fight. We NEED the message to go VIRAL. Tell a few friends and they will tell a few friends and soon our voices can drown out the reefer madness in Harrisburg. Encourage them to Volunteer at PASafeAccess.com.  We NEED to take everyone’s temp. Some people are suffering from a bad case of REEFER MADNESS or RAGING APATHY. The only cure is Education! Stop these chronic disease. Friends don’t let friends suffer!



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  1. I have seen on tv programs where cannabis is used to almost stop seizures in.children and there seems to be an endless use and need for legalization NOW!

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