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We need YOUR HELP to legalize medical cannabis (marijuana) in Pennsylvania. Are YOU tired of politicians deciding who should have safe, effective, natural medicine? It shouldn’t be determined by your zip code. It should be up to DOCTORS to DECIDE. People are Dying to Stay in PA! 

Everyone can contribute something, whether it’s time to gather signatures on a petition, a few dollars to help with advocacy costs, visiting your representatives, writing letters, organizing a town hall, making phone calls, talking to your family and friends, organizing a benefit, hand out flyers, post on bulletin boards. 88% of Pennsylvanians support this. It’s time for the 88% to stand up and be heard. Fill out the form below. In the comments section, please let us know how you think you can help. Every minute, every dollar, every person you talk to CAN make a difference. The time is NOW!

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