House Representative Emails


Use these House Representative emails to deliver a letter to every member of the house, or use it to find your representatives email.

Compose your email to your House Representative. Address it Dear Representative. Make it PERSONAL. Talk about how Prohibition affects YOU and YOUR FAMILY. Many conditions will be excluded. For example, Alzheimer’s is not on the current list. If you’ve lost someone to Alzheimer’s, point out how medical cannabis could have slowed the progression of the disease and given you more time with your loved one. Pick whatever condition or conditions that affect YOU. Chronic pain has been debated heavily. It NEEDS to be included as it is one of the major factors in the opiode overdose epidemic gripping our state. For a list of studies showing benefits of cannabis on various conditions, see 700 MEDICINAL USES OF CANNABIS SORTED BY DISEASE.

Put your email in the To field. Copy and paste the list below to the BCC field. Each person will see only their name and it won’t look like it’s actually being sent to all. If you have problems doing this, please contact Christy Billett or Sher Simcisko on Facebook or email or